Skip the waiting, locating a clinic, and coordinating in person testing appointments with your busy schedule. Get the care you need now.

At-Home STI Testing

With CityHealth’s at-home STI testing you can rely on us for discreet service and lab level accuracy. Virtual pre and post consultation treatment options are available. Test from anywhere for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma Genitalium, and Trichomoniasis(Trich) with just one test.

Kits ship within 24-48 hours.

About the Kit:

Urine Sample Collection


Discreet Packaging


Results within X Hours of Your Sample Arriving to the Lab


Prescription Treatment Available

We work with most insurance companies and also offer transparent self pay pricing.

If you test positive for an STI you will have the option to connect with one of our providers to talk about your results and decide on treatment options.

If you are concerned that you may have a UTI our clinical providers will be able to advise you during your virtual care appointment.

Types of STI’s Tested for in the Kit


Chlamydia is a bacterial, sexually transmitted infection and happens in all genders. It can cause pain or burning with urination, but a lot of times it does not cause any symptoms at all. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get treated for it though. If you want to get pregnant, chlamydia can make it difficult or impossible to get pregnant later and can cause ectopic pregnancies. If you are pregnant, it can cause miscarriages.

Trichomoniasis- aka ‘Trich

One of the most common STIs. Like some of the others it may or may not cause symptoms. It’s caused by a protozoan parasite and is treatable with medications. Symptoms can range from none to itching, burning or redness of the genitalia (regardless of gender), discharge (which may or may not have a fishy smell) and burning with peeing. Complications are similar to other STIs, decreased fertility, and an increased risk of other STIs.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial sexually transmitted disease and affects people of all genders. Gonorrhea is generally noticed. It can cause infections in the throat, genitals and rectum. Gonorrhea can cause burning with peeing, vaginal or penile discharge, vaginal bleeding, painful/swollen testicls, anal itching or pain with bowel movements. If left untreated, gonorrhea can cause infertility and can even spread to the blood and joints. While there is some antibiotic resistance, it can still be treated with antibiotics.

Mycoplasma Genitalium

This is another one of those tricky STIs that may or may not cause symptoms. It is a bacterium and may cause burning when peeing. It can also affect those who want to become pregnant or are pregnant. It may cause a discharge as well. It’s treatable with antibiotics.

*We know your privacy is important. If you are covered under another individual’s health plan in California and would like to keep your sensitive testing information private on your insurance bill please visit for more information.