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CityHealth offers confidential, safe and non-judgmental STI Testing. We believe healthcare encompasses more than just diagnosing and prescribing treatments; it involves collaboration and respect for each person’s unique priorities.  By offering support, information, and the freedom to make personal health choices, we are committed to providing a total care experience so that you feel welcomed, informed and prepared for what comes next.

Should you get tested for an STI?

You should get an STI test anytime you experience STI symptoms, have an unexpected sexual encounter, or a change in partners. Regardless of your reasons, we are here to offer open-minded and inclusive sexual health care with a variety of comprehensive testing and treatment options.

STI Symptoms

It is important to know that STI symptoms can range from few to no symptoms. You may experience UTI symptoms, rashes, abdominal pain or even a sore throat.

Complete Care

Regular STI screenings are an important part of your sexual health because they protect you and your partners from getting sick. Beyond sexually transmitted diseases, your provider should be talking to you about your overall sexual health. From pain during sexual interactions, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, etc CityHealth providers prioritize your healthcare needs. Our non-judgmental staff is here to answer your questions.


Choose Urgent Care STI testing. Here are some common STI’s we test for:








Hepatitis C


Hepatitis B


and much more...

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Great healthcare should be easy to get and easy to pay for. We offer transparent cash pricing and are in-network for most insurance providers.

*We know your privacy is important. If you are covered under another individual’s health plan in California and would like to keep your sensitive testing information private on your insurance bill please visit for more information.