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Urgent Care

For sprains, stitches, injuries, and anything else that can’t wait, choose CityHealth Urgent Care.

Getting better has never been easier.

For optimal care, our facility is staffed by highly skilled clinicians with extensive experience. We operate seven days a week to ensure accessibility, and pride ourselves on minimal wait times. Equipped with an onsite lab, digital X-ray capabilities, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, we’re dedicated to facilitating your swift recovery.

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In Person

Get 1:1 care from experienced clinicians in clean clinics designed with your comfort top of mind. Our on-site X-Ray center and diagnostic lab make getting the care you need even easier.


Did you know many minor urgent care concerns can be handled virtually? No need to commute, find parking, or sit in a waiting room. Book a virtual appointment to talk with someone today.


And that it should be easy to access and easy to afford, too.

There When You Need Us
There When You Need Us
Extended hours of operation, high-quality Virtual Care from the comfort of anywhere, and a Patient Experience team that doesn’t quit – we’re committed to you.
Clean, Modern Clinics
Clean, Modern Clinics
Designed for your comfort and equipped with everything you need to get better. Caring staff included.
Reducing Wait Times & Improving Care
Reducing Wait Times & Improving Care
Plenty of providers and carefully scheduled appointments mean shorter wait times and increased attention.
The Future Is Here
The Future Is Here
Easy digital appointments, record management, and results delivery – the future of healthcare is awesome.

Why CityHealth Urgent Care?

At our facility, we’re equipped to handle a range of medical needs, including specialized COVID-19 care. Whether you’ve tested positive or need a PCR test, we’re here to assist with antiviral treatment and symptom management. Remember, for emergencies, call 911. For injuries, coughs, colds, and more, choose Urgent Care for prompt attention to your non-life-threatening concerns. Here are some common Urgent Care concerns:

COVID-19 Care
Chest Health
Cold & Flu
Cuts & Scrapes
Eye Infections
Imaging Referral
Minor Injuries
On-site X-rays
Panic Attacks
Red Eyes
Reproductive Health
Skin Rashes
Sore Throat
Specialist Referrals
Sport Injuries

Need Care Guidance?

Not sure if you need Urgent Care, Primary Care, or a 911 call? Here’s how to tell.

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Urgent Care

General medical needs
Non-life threatening conditions
Immediate, one-time medical help
Diagnostic exam, medical imaging
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Virtual Care

Basic medical needs
Non-life threatening conditions
Specialist Referral
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Emergency Care

Life threatening injury or illness
Heart attack, stroke, or chest pain
Head injuries or severe trauma
Allergic reaction or choking


Great healthcare should be easy to get and easy to pay for. We offer transparent cash pricing and are in-network for most insurance providers.