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A Video Tour of Puerto Vallarta in 2022

A Video Tour of Puerto Vallarta in 2022
In this video, we’re going on a virtual getaway to Puerto Vallarta. If you’re planning to travel to Puerto Vallarta or are just generally curious about what there is to do at this destination, stick around because we will cover it all. Make sure you stay tuned until the end because we have a very special guest storytime with our CEO, Sean Parkin.   You can also download CityHealth’s 25-page Digital Travel Magazine (Puerto Vallarta Edition) and bring it with you on your travels for all the best recommendations and spots across all categories.

Why a video tour?

Puerto Vallarta is a balance of so many different things. People visit Puerto Vallarta for the beautiful nature views of mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.  People come for an array of hotel and resort options. People come for the delicious local food and the creative dining takes on foreign cuisines. People come to lounge at the beach, and to do water activities. People come for the LGBTQ community, the local nightlife scene, and bars. People come for the history and cultural roots of Mexico and the local art scene. As you can see, there’s literally a bit of everything here, which makes it a great destination to visit if you want a full sweep of all the unique experiences that Mexico has to offer at your fingertips.  You won’t be missing out on anything with all that this town has going on. Now, let’s break down what’s so special about traveling to Puerto Vallarta, category by category.

Getting around Puerto Vallarta

Transportation is always something to consider when visiting new places. Luckily, Puerto Vallarta has a lot of flexible and affordable transportation options. You can walk, take the bus, rent a car, or easily call an Uber or Taxi. There are seven distinct zones sectioned off from the North to the South zone. 

Puerto Vallarta’s zones

The main regions of Puerto Vallarta like the Hotel Zone, Romantic Zone, and Downtown are all very walkable. They are about ten to twenty minutes apart walking, which is great if you’re watching your budget while squeezing in some exercise! In each zone, there’s plenty to explore and many colorful and local sights to see. 

Puerto Vallarta’s culinary scene

Of course, we have got to talk about the food. If you’re a foodie like me, let’s be real- half the reason you even go places is for the food. There are a ton of restaurants both in the town and even in resorts. You’ll quickly taste for yourself that the city is a melting pot of international cuisine.  Off the top of my head, the places that seem to be the most raved about are Cafe Des Artistes, La Leche, La Palapa. For casual dining and eats, definitely check out the breakfast taco stands scattered around town, Lix Ice Cream, and Monzon a local brewery. You can also learn more about the culinary culture in Puerto Vallarta in our downloadable magazine guide.


Some local landmarks are the Malecon, which is a boardwalk in the heart of the town, and you can also find the Main Square, where the Lady of Guadalupe Parish sits. There’s Casa Kimberly, made famous by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in their old Hollywood movie The Night of the Iguana. 

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Hiking and going to beaches are probably two of the most low-key activities to do outdoors in PV. You’ll see beautiful beaches and viewpoints, and these are definitely recommended activities for your trip.  Mirador Cerro de la Cruz is a local viewpoint on this hike that you’ll probably see as a backdrop in many photos and vlogs.  And then of course, we have the beaches- one of the most popular reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta. There are plenty of beaches, some that are easy to find and popular for tourists, some that will take a bit more navigation in exchange for quieter and less crowded beach fronts.  Take it up a few notches with water activities- PV offers a solid array of options, including kayaking, scuba diving, and jet-skiing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can plan a day-trip visit to neighboring islands, experience the Rhythms of the Night dinner cruise show (highly rated and recommended), and even immerse yourself in a zipline experience at Zipline Canopy River.  If I were you, I would plan and research the specific activities that will go on your travel itinerary based on the months that you visit Puerto Vallarta.

Travel to Puerto Vallarta with kids

Parents, you know traveling with kids is anything but ordinary. For airplane travel tantrums to picky-eater nightmares, traveling with kids can be a challenge. But the opportunity for family bonding and the life-long memories you’ll create are well worth it. For a special look at the unique activities and offerings this great vacation destination has for the young ones (and the young at heart!) check out our Comprehensive Family Travel to Puerto Vallarta Guide.

Hotels and accommodations

Let’s talk about stay options. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, you might even be looking to spend the majority of your trip within an all-inclusive resort. Each hotel or resort chain has its own unique style and offerings. Some that stand out as top of mind for Puerto Vallarta are the Grand Miramar, and Hotel Mousai. There are also unique Airbnb options- it’s common for groups of people to rent one large all-inclusive Airbnb together, and these private properties typically have their own pools, hang-out spots, and even chefs.

Tips on travel to Puerto Vallarta

It’s hard to condense all the unique wonders of Puerto Vallarta in a ten-minute video, but I hope this gave you a good overview of what this awesome destination holds in store.  And as you’re planning for your trip to Puerto Vallarta, you’ll definitely want to check out our free Puerto Vallarta Digital Travel Magazine. Safe travels and Bon Voyage!
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