Travel Medicine for Your Urgent Medical Needs

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What is Travel Medicine?

Travel medicine focuses on the prevention and management of health issues related to travel. It involves various aspects of medicine including infectious diseases, immunology, epidemiology, and preventive medicine. Our practitioners will offer pre-travel advice, vaccinations, medications, and other preventive measures to travelers to minimize the risk of acquiring infectious diseases, injuries, or other health problems while abroad. What it includes are the following:

  1. Pre-travel consultations: Travelers visit a travel medicine specialist or healthcare provider before embarking on their journey to receive personalized advice based on their destination, itinerary, medical history, and specific health concerns.
  2. Vaccinations: Travel medicine practitioners provide vaccinations against common travel-related infectious diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, rabies, and others. They also offer guidance on the appropriate timing and necessity of vaccines based on the traveler’s itinerary.
  3. Medication and preventive measures: Travel medicine experts prescribe medications such as antimalarials, antibiotics, and medications for altitude sickness to travelers based on their destination and individual health needs. They also advise on preventive measures such as insect repellents, mosquito nets, and safe food and water practices.
  4. Post-travel care: Travel medicine professionals offer follow-up care for travelers who may have acquired illnesses during their trip or experienced health problems upon their return. They diagnose and treat travel-related illnesses and provide guidance on when to seek medical attention if symptoms develop.

Overall, the goal of travel medicine is to promote safe and healthy travel experiences by minimizing the risk of illness and injury, allowing travelers to enjoy their trips with peace of mind.

The specialists at CityHealth are devoted to the health and safety of travelers. We strive to make your trip aboard safe and enjoyable through the prevention of infectious diseases and the avoidance of environmental risks.

We do with though a personal pretravel risk assessment as a kayaking trip thorough a jungle has different risks than an excursion though a city. In our consultation, we will provide information about the spread and prevention of travel-associated infectious diseases like malaria and typhoid, personal safety when traveling, recommended vaccinations, availability of healthcare in your locations of travel, dietary advice, insect precautions, contact information for embassies, political unrest and safety issues, and prevention and management of noninfectious travel-associated health risks. Additionally, we will provide you with the information to recognize important syndromes for follow up after your trip. Our health recommendations align with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, standards and we consult The World Factbook by the CIA, for up-to-date safety information on every country, including required environmental issues, socio-political climate hazards, and recommended immunizations.

Because some immunizations and preventive medications need to be taken months before your trip, schedule your travel appointment early.