The lab-level accuracy of a PCR, without the lineup. Free with insurance. Just swab at home and drop off at your nearest FedEx or a local CityHealth test site.
Available at our San Leandro & Oakland locations.

At-Home PCR RSV + Covid-19 + Flu + mHPV

CityHealth’s At Home PCR Test lets you collect your nasal swab sample from the comfort of home, but with the support of a remote Testing Specialist to guide you through the process.

Then, place your sample into the shipping pouch provided and drop it off at your nearest UPS location.

We’ll ship it to CityHealth’s state-of-the-art Diagnostic Laboratory, and you’ll get certified results by email within 24 hours of your sample arriving at our lab.

Perfect for travel, proof of COVID status, or when you need foolproof results without leaving home.

Molecular PCR Test Kit

2 extra soft nasal swabs

Supervised Virtual Appointment

Sample Collection Return Pouch

Results within 24 hrs of lab receipt